Sunday, May 24, 2009

American Women Urination, Menstruation

Just in case some Indians are curious, American women wipe with toilet paper after each time they urinate.  They also wipe excess blood with toilet paper each time they change their pad or tampon.  American women usually wear both pads and tampons alternately depending on what they are doing and how much they are bleeding and what they are wearing. 

In most American bathrooms, both private and public, there are trash cans by the toilet.  When an American woman changes her tampon or pad, she wraps the soiled on in toilet paper and leaves it in the trash can beside the toilet.  Most people empty their private trash cans every day or every other day when they are on their periods.  This is even the practice when visiting someone else’s home. 

Some Americans will flush tampons down the toilet, but this is really bad for the plumbing and it’s a very inconsiderate practice.  In public toilets, lazy women will even leave the pad exposed in the bin or leave it on the floor.  This is disgusting, but it happens sometimes. 

Because American women are accustomed to wiping dry with toilet paper each time they urinate, American travelers frequently have difficulty wiping with water or not wiping at all.  They feel damp and uncomfortable afterwards.


  1. Spotted your write – ups, it’s cool. Very beneficial and interesting there are some ideas I haven’t heard before. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Black underwear from a cheap place and frequent wiping. No pads or tampons. (I am Canadian, my love is Tamil (Nadu!) I rinse daily in bath.

    1. Do u not leak through your pants?? I am Ameriican & can't imagine not have pad or tampon when on period...:P